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PENDULUM 7 PUBLISHING Began in 2008 with the rollout of Society Penns BLUEBLOOD CHRONICLES VOLUME 1, Since then we have grown to  encompass film scripts, musicC publishing, poetry books and MOOR.

In addition, we made some friends along the wayand show our strong support for them as well by presenting them here and providing a direct avenue to purchasing their work, we offer the biggest prize to you dear reader the opportunity to read and allow your imagination to roam free

As a subsidiary of Fresh Faces Multiversal our subscribers have parlayed their writings into television series, radio dramas, book signing tours and feature films. we appreciate your interest in our family of creative geniuses and ask that you check back often to see what juicy new odfferings we have in store. Are you an author? Artist? Actor  or a patron of the arts? if so - WELCOME, if not keep on will be!

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